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Wanderlust - Men Organic Hoodie

Wanderlust - Men Organic Hoodie

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The words that we associate with wanderlust and the desire to travel and eventually freedom are inevitably linked. Getting to know foreign cultur...
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The words that we associate with wanderlust and the desire to travel and eventually freedom are inevitably linked. Getting to know foreign cultures is genuinely an immeasurable treasure that enriches our knowledge and minds equally.

Anyone who travels a lot quickly realizes that we are all the same. Even if we all look different, we want the same thing, especially when we travel: To experience something new and enjoy our freedom. The people we meet on our hikes and excursions have similar dreams and worries. Anyone who is out regularly in nature and meets other people quickly notices that they are usually much more open in their communication than, for example, in the supermarket or on the street. This is undoubtedly also because we leave our worries behind and are freer when traveling.

It is apparent that we combine freedom with traveling, but what does freedom really mean? Of course, there are many definitions, and every person interprets freedom differently. However, it is noticeable that we humans usually associate freedom with something in our environment, with something that makes us happy and free. Or in the opposite sense, often, fears and worries prevent us from doing something, but they can also drive us to change something.

In most cases, however, fears and worries are the shackles that prevent us from getting anywhere. A pure change in appearance is not the only decisive factor on the way to absolute freedom. This begins on the inside, and only there can it mature and become large.

There are many good reasons for living with freedom and experiencing wanderlust. We can escape the chains of everyday life and enjoy nature in peace. In addition, there are also significantly fewer prejudices there, and we notice that we are all the same. Thus, intolerance and racism play less of a role in life. We realize that we all want the same thing: We want to be happy. We also get ahead if we accept our environment and do not rub against it again and again.

Osho, also known to many as Bhagwan, has written a lot about freedom and love. If we take a closer look at these words, we will undoubtedly find something concerning ourselves. For example, "Life (freedom) begins where fear ends" or "In your own source of life, there is the freedom to create yourself".

Live wild and dangerous, have the courage to be yourself. Enrich your life with other cultures, with the best experiences you have alone and for yourself. Get to know yourself, be a wanderer, a traveler into yourself. The world that opens up to you will be different from the one you know. Free your mind! Then freedom will come by itself.

  • Material: 85 % Baumwolle (Bio-Qualität, ringgesponnen, gekämmt), 15 % Polyester (recycelt)
  • Grammatur: 280 g/m²
  • Schnitt: normale Passform
  • Langarm mit eingesetztem Ärmel
  • Kapuze mit Jersey-Futter
  • Runde gleichfarbige Kordel
  • Ösen an der Kapuze (mit Knopflochstich eingefasst)
  • Nackenband am Halsausschnitt mit Fischgrätmuster
  • Kängurutasche mit Flatlock-Absteppung

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