Here you can find out more about our incredible collaboration partners and their visions. We are very grateful to every single one who wants to make people free.



Claiming Freedom is a signature piece composed for Relax Outside and its mission to help people live freer. It anchors in the vibrational state of freedom, both location and business-wise, and on the inner level. The other SkyTones available for download are tools to work with closely and build a freer life.


To maximize your immersive listening experience, you can try SkyTones. SkyTones is an entirely unique method. We utilize a form of advanced spiritual technology to describe trends in cosmic evolution. Furthermore, we offer you a tool that enables expanded imaginal perception. SkyTones are spiritual gyms for manifesting imagination. We invite you to utilize immersive listening to maximize your SkyTones experience over and over again.


When you close your eyes, it is about paying attention to the vibrant multi-sensory imagery that comes up inside you. Immersive listening is an intentional style of taking in sound, which can open doors of perception for you. When you pause to tune into a SkyTone, you can also tune into grooves in your own intuition and more profound decision-making.

That is fine, too. There is no requirement to have any particular experience with a SkyTone other than the one you have. We just ask that you bring a level of intention to your listening. The point is to immerse yourself in a sound journey with no agenda other than to have the experience.

Research over the last ten years has shown that music can be immensely beneficial for reducing stress in listeners who approach the process with an open mind. Additionally, you can experience more of what can be possible simply by listening to the expansivity of the music. High vibrational music is a vitamin for your psyche, and SkyTones is a cosmic gym for your imagination.

MG and Dylan met in a corner of Reddit. They share a diverse and growing array of interests, from tonal astrology to cryptocurrency to cute small dogs. They complement each other by combining their passions. MG loves traveling the world, collecting inspirations for SkyTones’ journeys. Dylan takes this inspiration into the SkyTones studio based in Los Angeles to make these vibrations audible. Our team is 100% remote, spans the globe, and works on a common plane of energy.

Through astrology readings and custom SkyTones, vocational mentoring is based on your essence, as shown in your birth chart, and it is what you are here to do. You can either schedule a discovery session to get a reading and recommendation on which SkyTones to work with - vitamins for your psyche; or you can order a custom SkyTone based on your vibration and desire.

No contact anymore as there has been a change in their business structures.


My vision is that we are all human beings - all the same! The only thing that sets us apart is the language we speak, the culture and tradition we have, and the appearance of ourselves. As free individuals, we all should have the possibility to decide freely about our own life and future. Unfortunately, today’s regulations limit this freedom so much until everything is controlled and determined by other people/the government. I want to help people regain their determination about their lives and away from toxic regulations and useless bureaucracy so that more and more humans can see what “life” really means again instead of surviving the “daily hamster wheel”.


The system-relevant knowledge goes from helping you to leave your unloved life behind, enables you to leave your current country (GER/AT/CH), opening a company or bank account in third world jurisdictions, and determining your needs for your new “resident” country, so you can fully enjoy a “life without chains”.


We met through a friend (SKYTONES.CO), and the first time we talked, we knew that we had the same view on today’s happenings and freedom. We knew that we needed to share this and help people with the same mindset. We work together because we trust and believe in ourselves. We can, therefore, complement ourselves by the way we work and the way we look at the world to help revolutionize peoples’ lives to the fullest.


Email: tom@relax-outside.com



IF YOU WANT TO FLY, GIVE UP EVERYTHING THAT WEIGHS YOU DOWN! Freedom consists of going on vacation, doing what you want for two weeks a year, and escaping everyday life in many peoples' minds. But why should we look forward to two weeks of “freedom” every year when freedom can also be a continuous part of our lives? Why does a large portion of the people decide only to allow freedom into their lives for a short time, even if one can hardly speak of freedom here? Unfortunately, the majority of society still thinks utterly wrong in this regard: “I work hard in a job that I don’t like at all, but I have a good pension for that”, “I have to go to work every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; otherwise it’s not a real job”, “I can only achieve something in life with money, and money makes me happy”. But there is another way! Why should we adapt? Why should we do what society sees as right? We are free people, and we can do whatever we want. That is why I made a different decision. I will go my own way to freedom and not allow myself to be intimidated or restricted by others, such as my fellow human beings and politics, because only if you listen to yourself can you find your way to freedom and perfection.


My system-relevant knowledge is creating stunning graphics and designs that make people happy.


We met through a mutual friend and immediately noticed that we shared the same mindset. That is why we started the first joint project, and we are now working together on various projects repeatedly.


Email: isi@relax-outside.com

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