The highest good of being is something we all want - but where does freedom begin, and where does it end? If we look for it outside, it quickly becomes clear: We look there in vain. Seeking freedom in the outside world has long ceased being a solution, and maybe it never was, but when do most people start to change something? It is us who have that in our hands. Of course, it would help if you did not rely on politics or the state for long unless you need a safety net. However, even then, you are mistaken, according to Relax Outside. People are enslaved - still - and probably more so now than ever before. In earlier times, people were enslaved by the “more powerful”. Today, they almost do the job themselves and are grateful to “the mighty” for it. However, it is time to change the system. Instead of acting with power, Relax Outside stands for acting with love because love conquers all. Let us think about how sick our system has become. In all of the stress and not being able to calm down, most of us forget to pause and really ask ourselves: What does it mean to ‘live’? Is it the 45-hour week in a corporation where you are just a number? Is it the high tax rates, the almost dictatorship, ... or does that already come very close to physical enslavement - in addition to psychological? For us, at Relax Outside, it most definitely does. Enslavement happens at many levels, and a huge one was created by man when they steered the financial system into its tracks and forms that currently apply today. The following video is old already, but the facts have not changed. On the contrary, things are already happening little by little, and many people will be surprised by a blue miracle they cannot yet guess.

Fabian: the tale of the goldsmith

Please ask yourself, “Did we create the value of money by and for ourselves, or was it done for us? Have we asked for it, or have we simply submitted to the happening from the start and are now just chasing exactly this value?” In addition, ensure you are aware that if someone now says: “Currency reform -> Chicken shit is now our new currency!” then we will be fighting for chicken shit and sacrificing our lives for it instead of believing in our brain that things can come with ease to us! It does not always have to be the most challenging work because, believe it or not, work can also be fun! Before you work hard on your Lambo, you should work on yourself, heal your soul, and no longer act out of ego. Only then are materialism and conscious consumption a nice addon (and with ease) and no longer a must-have (out of hard work and credit). This road is a long one, but you can always start walking - and the best time to start is now.

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Our financial system is by no means the only one to which humans are enslaved. The levels go from one to another and are so deep that they will change your view of the world as soon as you start dealing with it. The puzzle pieces will come together, and the whole puzzle will eventually be completed. We at Relax Outside accompany you on your journey. From us, you will get book tips, podcast tips, investor tips (for the chicken shit - in the form of crypto (at least in 2021)), travel tips, psychological tips, and above all, support from people who are already in the middle of it and who will support you. With this, you can grow and shine joy into the world. You are not alone; we are all one. We belong together, we are connected - and together as this construct, we need to bring light into the world and drive away the shadows that have raged for decades and centuries.

We are always there for one another. But do not worry, we are ordinary people - like you and me. Nobody is rated or put in a box here at Relax Outside. With us, you can just be who you are and exactly how you feel. You can think what you want. We accept this, and we are happy for EVERYONE who has already discovered their Indal path to complete happiness.

You get most of the content from us completely free of charge, and we also have an open ear. But, of course, we would be more than happy if you belonged to our Relax Outside family and wanted a shirt/hoodie, but only if you wear it. This way, we can avoid any unnecessary consumption and ensure conscious buying behavior. Altogether, like a big family with our helpers and lightworkers, we can become the number one contact point for a more real, peaceful, freer, and happier world.


The founder of Relax Outside is Lena. To get insight into her life and energy, you can visit her Instagram channel @lenas.journey. Lena has been living and working as a digital nomad since March 2020 and as a Perpetual Traveler since August 2021. However, you will probably not find more about her here because this project serves as a meeting point for all free-spirited individuals. Lena’s task was to build this meeting point, but the story will get written by all of you.

We think differently

Some call us naive, but we say: We live. We live in such a way that by the age of 100, you will be sitting on a park bench saying to yourself: “Wow! This life was and is absolute paradise”. We all want to be able to honestly say: “I have lived”. We do not think about “doom” or “salvation” from the outside. Because when you think about it, to not have a comprehensive solution for it, we might as well live by ourselves as if someone has forgotten to age us. But it was different for us. Fortunately, we are now through the phase in which world-weariness brings us down so much that we are incapable of acting. However, as always with our brains, sometimes there is too much good faith and courage. Many people condemn this way of thinking, but that is precisely why this platform was created: To give shelter to those who think differently. Because we know: Together we can achieve great things. It does not have to be loud; it just has to be thoughtful, as each of us does it our own way.

We will reach the tipping point

It does not have to be a world change - small steps are enough because we know the tipping point principle and can prove it to science again. At the same time, we all understand that everyone, regardless of whether they are employees, entrepreneurs, from the Green Party, the Right Party, the Left, or Christian, everyone “only wants the best for the world and above all, for the country”. However, we have to accept that logically everyone defines this differently - according to their own values. So why are we all wasting our energies trying to change the big picture when we know for sure that it ends in quarrels and social separation. Most people want to be correct, and that only valuable life is wasted in the end.

Many call us naive

We at Relax Outside have learned to start with ourselves and to change ourselves the way we want it, and just like Pippi Longstocking, we say: “I'll make the world as I like it". But, of course, that works with the attitude, “Don't let others get you down. Be cheeky, wild, and wonderful, very good”, because this seemingly identical mission to improve the world simply cannot be standardized and implemented - not by a party, not by a federal state, and certainly not by a country. The local boundaries that have been drawn do not make very much sense. It speaks against freedom. But most of us are not really free anyway, and that is precisely what we are changing - in small, harmless, and peaceful steps. And that is exactly what many call naive. Nevertheless, we all started with ourselves on a small scale. We do not force our opinion on anyone or try in the slightest to convince others. From everything that Relax Outside is, firstly, it is a meeting point for people like you. Everything else happens automatically.

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