Sustainable production with print-on-demand

Not only are our thoughts outside the conventional, but also the way Relax Outside is made. Because we attach great importance to the sustainable and resource-saving manufacture of our products. That's why we have our products manufactured by MarketPrint - and (how could it be otherwise): in an unconventional way. Because the clothes you ordered are only made when you buy them. In this way we prevent too high a production volume after a new drop and avoid the risk of individual pieces being left over.

With our products you contribute to the preservation of our earth and at the same time meet the growing need for environmentally friendly products.

Bedrucktes Shirt in DTG-Druckmaschine

How does it work?

The system is called Print-on-Demand (PoD) and means that textiles are only printed on order. So only when you order something from us will it be released for production. This means that there is no overproduction that unnecessarily takes up resources.

Since we send the goods to you directly from there, there is also no need for a delivery route including CO2 emissions. Because normally the manufactured product would first be sent to us, Relax Outside, and only then to you. The POD process is therefore resource-saving and lowers CO2 emissions.


DTG-Druckmaschine von Kornit



Models tragen Organic-Textilien

Organic textiles from Stanley / Stella

With the organic line from Stanley / Stella we offer products made from natural fibers such as organic cotton that come from sustainable plantations. The Belgian supplier pays particular attention to the environmentally friendly, but also fair production of its products. For this reason, the factories meet i.a. the requirements of the Fair Wear Foundation.

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Moderne Windkraftanlage umgeben von Natur

Green electricity from 100% renewable energies

Renewable energies not only conserve the use of limited raw materials, but also avoid the generation of radioactive waste products. For this reason, we only use green electricity from 100% renewable energies for our production from the TÜV-certified energy supplier MONTANA.